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I've always been a sucker for watercolor; the love affair began with being swallowed by the over-stuffed chairs and countless accent pillows on the porch belonging to my grandparents, sometime around age 7. Surrounded by english-tea-room decor and in the midst of hardcore girlish hero worship of my stylish, beautiful, elegant, water painting grandmother, I carved out a personal sybmol of all that is good and cultured in the world. I'm not saying it was avant-garde; we focused on roses. And baskets. And the various patterns of tableclothes. But those afternoon painting sessions led to, I believe, the base for my appreciation of art, mastery, and skill. There is nothing like fumbling with something to make one humble.

Here's to you, grandma. And behance, a creative's networking site, for bringing me work to perv all over to my heart's desire.

From Nicola Villa:

The masterful Karen Kurycki:

And cake cravings. It is such a Tuesday night.


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