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opening hours; daring sort of tranquility, imbued with the daring of a beginning
I'd rather leave it to another woman,
less tired
I'd like one lifetime worth of the marvelous,
but I got caught up in being a color collector
and became rounded inwards, a gutless fruit

The following is strikingly relevant.

arches, arches and lines; chords and convergences, symmetry
perfidy- an allegiance means binds and slavery isn't in season
with hands that double as organs, every nick rips
and eyes like avalanche-hungry moons
to shine by reflection is no sort of shine at all

relevantly irrelevant

having a slippery word is a joy,
a valve or gate to expression's reserves
seeds, an implied life-wattage glow, vying to seize
an embrace between divides
hence the garden feels victimized and
hence the seeds feel guilty

closing hours; sleepwalking, banter between the calcium in rock and bone
Leave it to another,
riper one, she;
already gone.


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