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What do you expect of me after such a confession?
I told you I was looking for les marveilleux, and you answered with the ribcage of a bird such as a black-capped chickadee

and this is what the book said about your type;
'' covered with feathers and possess forelimbs that have modified to become wings."

wrong, wrong, wrong.
You answered like a bored man would to a bird girl,
slatternly, sluggish,
there is a preserving sweetness about this, arrivals and departures
departing: gilded man visions, arriving: invasive action
and it's about the way you roll tedium over your tongue,
heavy liquid metal, and through your teeth
it's always been about the way that nothing is divine to you,
but speaking to immediate time frames- it's about the way you drown me in quiet numbers, frames, expectations, disappointments
bird girl, bird girl, go

There's no hope in appealing to a gullible public,
selective ear action, hearing
or to speak or to write with a violence
not when it's only a matter of being beguiled
elude, coax that from you which exists only in the most distrustful moments
too quiet, too drunk, too high

cheap click locks lead to openings, and the openings...
they were, for us, the beginning of closings.
I have no keepsake face. I have no seasonless notes or sources,
and to be honest I would give anything in this moment for a clear head

come, further east;
a beamed construction of bodies and limbs, a sacrifice house
holds all the answers she needs,
but the confrontation and the totality of taking out a suitcase?
akin to the reality of closing up this life idea, one that, through concessions and the inferno known as you and Paris, became a solid, heavy metal
let's talk amperage,
kilovolt-amperes, volt-amp curves,
of abstract electricity
let's talk taxonomy,
of bird tail rectrices, color phases
of species and types and relative calcium fragility

break, crush, heavy and we're bird bones, straw-plated, wicker wares

wicker work for dirty metal phenomena
stunner pan flash

les marvielleux is for my eyes only, and it's not possible

adjacent to here

organic things, we can talk of bird and metal men or we can define it as; of or pertaining to the basic constitution or structure of a thing; constitutional; structural

organic impossibility


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