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my breasts still weep for you; there was no room for apologies,
not in the deepest drought, or skeletal skin cages.
not with the want want want crying from all sides,
and the I- I- I ego from above-below.
So I wait for my body to forget you,
can we dis-remember?
and lose sight of you like a half bud flower behind forged fences?
I will dream like this- in deaths and dying and hidden meanings- until the literal spring leeches
your proverbial one from my earth
and I am sufficiently scorched, sufficiently burned
and have more than sufficiently suffered all the lessons learned

dis-remember you after a dis-member..
meant? never, but always back to you I go
until I am able to forget


  1. abby said...
  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I am glad I found you because your blog is great, love the poetry... perhaps it was indeed a cosmic coincidence?? :)

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