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Because like any good American, when I get angry, I speak through gangster rap videos. SNATCH IT BACKKK. BACCKKKKKK.

Or, translated literally; I really wanted to not feel like the human stain today. Where I conspired with the universe to make things seem completely! impossible! Yes, I suck buckets for forgetting and misplacing the dvd rental. I suck. It was irresponsible and a little n'importe quoi, I apologize, and will pay (watch me) for my mistake. But again; really, today, I have no generosity. Zero. It has never happened before, but there you are. I spend exorbitant amounts of energy trying to make things as easy as possible for you, to be something good to come home to. And I ran out of that energy somewhere during the time where I realized I might just have permanently landed myself a gig as the lovable dependable punching bag. And honestly, does it merit a shriek of NO IT IS NOT OKAYYYY? Call me crazy, but no.

Tapped out. Snatchin' that cat back.


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  2. hollaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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