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I am damn near possessed by Bauhaus printwork. Ever since the post below, I have been quite unable to resist getting caught in the movement's surrounding web, from housewear to architecture and then, well loves, we hit the proverbial dam and we might as well say f---k it and enjoy the water. Just look, look at the above....from the turn of the 20th century, I can't handle it, it's so insanely beautiful.

In lieu of poetry (all my words are on vacation) I will post a few quotes by Anais Nin. P ordered me the complete diary set...just waiting to sink my soul into that one.

"There is in our relationship both humaneness and monstrosity. Our work, our literary imagination, is monstrous. Our love is human. I sense when he is cold, I am anxious about his eyesight. I get him glasses, a special lamp, blankets. But when we talk and write, a wonderful deformantion takes place,whereby we heighten, exaggerate, color, distend. There are satanic joys known only to writers."


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