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Paris has yet to make its mind up about the season; it's been perpetually cold, rainy, and stormy the past few weeks. Being the lover of storms I am, it would have been forgivable if the stormy weather really went all out- lightening and thunder and buckets full of rain- but the most we got was yesterday's pathetic hour long rush. And so, here we are, stuck in the broken month of May. Poor Paris. Though the weather fits...I've been sick for the past week with no sign of improvement. It feels more like exhaustion that sickness; constant lethargy, nodding off to sleep anytime I stay in one place more than 5 minutes (and this coming from a never can nap during the day sort of gal). Paris and I need to get our asses in shape, bring on the suuunnn (I hereby swear that just getting a membership to the gym with my real life model friend has nothing to do with the illness, no REALLY, but hilarious timing, no).

I miss my man. As you can see below, he is so hot it should be illegal. Especially when his amazing Billy Idol Lip Twist ability is taken into consideration. And I will never forget the time on the train when he told me that I wasn't looking at his "chocolate side" and after I calmed down from my hysterical laughter, he snorts out, "What? Julio Iglesias says it!?" WOAH NELLY, have I got a winner. I am so looking forward to the domestic pleasure of him coming home from work (usually I go to work with him). And smooshing all his sides, not just the chocolate one.

IN RECAP: I am not dead. Paris and I are in hibernation. Please come again in a week. I only promise random-ness till then. Kisses and toodle-oo!


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