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--disclaimer: I know this blog has been sadly lacking in actual content as of late, but do not fear! We will resume normal programming next week, I promise--

in the mean time, I will satisfy myself by posting thought-lets, like mini thought droplets, because blogs are for the vain and i love it. All I can think of today is wanting to smoosh myself on and around is very distracting. And makes my thoughts go something like this: smoooooooooshhh kishhhhessshhhh want to kishhhhhhhhhhhhh ittttttt huggggg itttttttttt loooooooooveeee ittt kishhhhesshhhhhh smoooooooooooooooooshhhhhhhhh itttttttttttttttt. All day. This has been what replays in my mind. So I am waiting for sweet relief to come in the form of the Philippe himself, who is happpily expected to arrive in a few hours from work.

Joy! KISHHHESHHHH moooooshhhhh.

oh dear)


  1. frenz werner said...
  2. lucky Philippe, the forplay has already begun and the lucky victim ignores his entrance in to a world of love and lust, may he be blessed, for he is surely the chosen one!

  3. Le Kutz said...
  4. the chosen one, eh? I feel like a sword in the stone joke, but since I'm a classy broad, I'll hold back...for now. ;)

  5. Anonymous said...
  6. WOW....I had no idea. That's pretty awesome coverage, Kutz!

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