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Several Thoughts of The Day:

1. When did I get so jaded?

2. I love New England.

3. It's time for an attitude adjustment.

The last month of my life has been mind opening; no, literally, picture a figurative can opener and a can of spaghetti and said freshly opened spaghetti quivering with newness, excitement, and some brand of fear. (After all, spaghetti can be eaten.)

I need to dedicate writing time to my month long travel with Philippe through Thailand and Cambodia. Pictures are being processed ( as in downloaded from some MASSIVE memory cards) as we speak and will arrive any day now!

The will come, but not at this moment, because I feel a need to allow myself processing time,. So that I get it right. That I get it all. Not in word count or vacation-land systemic regurgitation but in its essence. Its essence to me.

Plus, as is obvious by my neurotic note making above, I need some time to theorize philosoph-ize and re-prioritize various things in my life. And hell if I'm not convinced that spending that selfish reflection time in a slow, thorough way isn't the kindest thing I can do for myself. Hell, that any human being can do for themselves.

What stuck with me into the week; the advice to streamline contradictions in your life. Your actions. Values. Lifestyle. Relationships. Dialogues, monologues, every logue in between. To create a wholistic life by living wholistically (holistic s the w reeks too much of religion for my tastes).

You know, the older I get, the more it occurs to me that the best advice is the simplest advice.

I think this picture of me sums up the approach I need to adopt:

Written in an email to Philippe:

It's so scarily easy to loose sight of your capacity to innovate and bend things to YOU and not become, conversely, BENT..


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