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I sort of broke myself last night, after a hilarious hardcore going out club/bar extravaganza with Philippe. It was worth it.

Upon waking I discovered;

I gave myself a black eye and massive face bruise from giving up on that battle known as walking. The injuries are from drunkenly collapsing on the side of a door frame. It seemed stabilizing at the time, but lo and behold, I forgot that when drunk there's no such thing as swooping gracefully into a bracing door move.

It evolved more into a 'let's throw ourselves at hard, pointy objects.' I ate our apartment's shining-esque carpet. I almost made it too, I believe I laid in the hallway for ten or so minutes 2 meters from our door.

I dislocated/sprained my thumb on my left hand. Only fun part of that? Realized I am way more ambidextrous than I thought.

Due to enthusiastic but nonetheless no-lube anal sex, I broke my butt.

I probably shouldn't write the above, but I feel it's the most charming injury of the 3. Maybe I have a strange idea about the term charming, but my butt's broken and I think I'm still mildly drunk.

(this blog is in dire need of actual substance)

(and thailand photos)

(and the color orange)


  1. abby - the geek girl said...
  2. OMG I love this post. And I love that I just posted something similar about drinking.


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