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i thought i knew him, or something like him

. but we are
2 ways confronted, existentially,
to a break on break situation.
and now you've got me
so tired baby,
oh so tired
just like him

i believed in you, boy. you tell me nothings ok, because in your world people don't
get abortions
not get visas
show up 10 minutes late for an appointment because of traffic
fight like the devil
and i would like to live there too- in that world-
but i would have liked to try to keep on living and keep on loving
but oh so tired
just like him

and i have to concede, because i will never be enough
or right, maybe thats the word
never fit in that world where
people don't
dare invoke a matchstick temper
and im tired of consoling
and just like him

idealist 1, idealist 2
1:2 and half as hard
thought i knew you, or something like you

and in it I can pour no more
i can
for once in a long, long, long time
our pinstick legs are matched two for two
one flimsy leg against the other
we both splinter
we are matched two for two
we thought we knew
(we thought we knew)


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