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and in this moment, I am unnaturally natural. I was, now, I am. The insolubility of one human being to another. The way we ask questions and don't wait for an answer.  A life formed by negative consent (the absence of). And when I go outside there's only people with umbrella ribs, opening and closing with something I imagine less human than breath and more like machine contractions. You seem unable to read even my most general intentions. Everything becomes motorized. I am chastised for thoughts I did not think.

I am not a boring, small minded lawyer like american. I want to vomit your words back at you regarding your take on MY INTENTIONS MY ACTIONS and ME, my heart and my person Katherine Mary. l'identite culturelle instead of personal. xenophic excuses. reflehis AVANT de parler et arrete de chanter cette chanson. Ca suffit! Sa facon de voir les choses est liee a son contexte.

paris est situe a 48 degres de latitude nord, et ici

I want to ask a question so simple as to be child like; honestly? that is what you honestly think of me? that is what you imagine me capable of? Small minds begin in one's ability to or not to concieve another human reality with elasticity, to forgive, to think dialectically. To assume that you MIGHT be wrong about something in any given moment. I assume that. Unfortunately nothing good comes of talking to a man intent on talking solely to himself. Il ne peut pas concevoir qu'on soit d'une autre avis que lui. Maybe it's just two completely different species. It's wrong when both parties feel violated. Choleric with the indignities we imagine ourselves suffering from at the hands of the other. It's hilarious, tragic, and of no consequence. We move on. Back and forth. Avoiding le mal de mer.

That's my piece regarding this fucking friday, fucking friday. Now I've had my closure.  Purging violence from my skin and into space to make room for the rest of life. I have never, not once, written for anyone but myself, and that's as it should be. The only thing that remains is modeling my life in the same way.

secouer la nappe et marche, demontrer encore


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