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Main Entry: stream

Part of Speech: noun

Definition: small river

Synonyms: beck, branch, brook, burn, course, creek, current, drift, flood, flow, freshet, race, rill,
rindle, rivulet, run, runnel, rush, spate, spritz, surge, tide, torrent, tributary, watercourse

Notes: a stream is smaller than a river, a creek is smaller than a stream but larger than a brook; stream, brook, creek, and rivulet are applied interchangeably to any small river

there is something about the way people articulate themselves on parisian streets
that floods out reality.  that supersedes the usual walkway current:
not just people going, or coming, arriving or departing,
 but people expectant of a significant and valuable interruption.

Legs scissor and feet point and angle themselves as if perpetually perched over one inch of sky.
Floating, flow.
 Everyone nurses a break-out plan.

Everyone surges. A vital, earthy eruption.

while I walk with a gait akin to a continuous apologetic curtsy, (sorry sorry sorry)
they float. I marvel, I watch. 

and I will watch
and I will watch
I will
watch until I understand.

'til i can catch this current too, and follow the watercourse to one inch above

  1. the default opacity of day in and day outs,
  2. and the contradicting break-out plans,
  3. half pitched half assed
  4. one inch, give me
  5. one inch
  6. one
  7. inch


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