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Tropic clouds, nature as a stage and here is your show;

the stage was 100 miles wide
the stage was water the stage was a water earth horizon tessellation
oh yes, oh yes and when the lights go out
mountains, painted, as if by free and easy strokes,
a stormcloud with the inclination to let in godrays
skies with the intention to rain

a story 

of woman of water and their wiles
rebonjour to rebirth, 
grasslands below an organ gathering breath in and out and up to
the soil who is in a chivalrous moon, thinking of
woman of water and a rebonjour to rebirth
every stone a generous use of space, these rockeries
a masterpiece, you are
hanging precipice 
and the emancipated peaks of evergreen
the stage was 100 miles wide, and it wasn't yet enough
not for this high minded season

Be tender, now, curtail normal patterned brocade
sky playing water and singing the wind
this is lie-down traveling so
let's lie down

Be tender, now, and watch,

this kingdom of dirt

minor flowers behind the kingpin bloom-erangs 

the stage was 100 miles wide;

these are the immediacies
of your recalled tomorrows.


  1. abby - the geek girl said...
  2. Love it. Glad you are still posting poetry... I have pretty much stopped. :P

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