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Yours truly, dorking around recently (one thing I miss about my mac was that addictive photobooth app)

After a week of soaking in the beauty and writing cryptic poetry in the interim ( you know, the usual) it has come to my attention that there has been a sad lack of BEAUTY BURSTS in the recent past. And with fashion week in full swing back over in the good old states and Paris fashion week just around the corner, let me say that the void is definitely not due to a lack of material, but rather due to putting on my survival gear as to get past this incredible tiring and stressful time in my life. I''m notorious for never complaining, so bear with me- the only problem I have is that for all this damn suffering there should be a hell of a lot more RESULTS.


But enough about me. are YOU?

Obsession, en primier;

Andrea Heimer

She's a brilliant illustrator; definitely veering strongly towards pop art, but search deeper in her portfolio and past her more recognizable works, and you have something truly unique.

Heimer's series "Icon" is by far my favorite- and gasp! and ongoing- project. It features close up surrealist female faces, simply done (so rare in illustration these days), beautifully executed.

"Icon" is a collection of portraits of various female saints chosen for their rich backstory (naughty ladies!), and are made with a combo of silk screens, pencil, ink, marker, and acrylic.

Moving to the left, down 3 squares and over two...

Jorge Macchi

The equation; a young, starry-eyed beauty-phile+ recent immersion via facebook to friends who actually LIVE culture, hell, ARE culture= a wholllee newww woorrlld.

By way of a wayward link on the facebook status of a friend, I was transported to Mark Flood's web page- and turned red with shame upon realizing that I had no clue that something that amazing was in Texas. In Texas? In the entire U.S. I've been hopping along that discovery ever since, after realizing my cluelessness about the culture scene over in the states. Really, I'm still a blushing virgin, only a year into living in Paris and my introduction to any sort of scene. One year to the day of being able to grasp Duchamp versus memorize the date, name, and museum in question. I know, I'm embarassed for me too.

I am proud of my psuedo-puritan New England obsessesion with historical fiction, bird calls nature-y book-y heritage, but it definitely cemented the blinders on me as far as what was happening in my cultural backyard. Long story short, this hopping got me the above link to Heimer (through various acrobatic like internet moves) and also to Jorge Macchi's work.

His art stands alone, but I was struck especially by the depth of and attention paid to his exhibitions. I found his site after reading a review from a Houston based art paper about an exhibition of his titled ' The Anatomy of Melancholy'- and how the exhibiton had haunted our reviewer long after it was over. Perhaps the mediums of visual and word imagery used together, but I feel as if he constructs an exhibition like none other;

From his exhibition Doppelgänger;

Doppelgänger is the name of the exhibition I will have at Ruth Benzacar Gallery in May 2005. It consists of 10 vinyls on the wall and an edition of 50 boxes containing 10 silkscreens (39 x 39 cm ) of each one of the drawings.

This work is the result of several years working with police news from the newspaper Crónica from Buenos Aires . During these years I noticed there were some phrases that appeared in different news: cuerpo sin vida (lifeless body), macabro hallazgo (macabre finding), cuerpos en avanzado estado de descomposición (bodies in an advanced state of decomposition), etc. For this project I selected pairs of news that share the same phrase and at the same time that share the same amount of text and the position of the phrase in the text. This material allowed me to work with symmetric forms that touch each other in one point, the point where the news share the same phrase. This phrase works as a bridge between two different stories, a passage between two realities formally identical but completely different in content.

Doppelgänger is the German word for the phenomenon of the double, with many examples in literature (William Wilson by Poe), or cinema ( Lost highway by David Lynch).

I love when you begin to discover things about yourself through completely unexpected means; for me, the more art I delve into, the more I see a pattern forming for my tastes. I love structure, rhythm, words, rhetoric, construction, systems, the mathematical. I doubt there's a ready made profile for those obsessed with the above, but if there is, let me know. What we love in art...has to say alot about a person, don't you agree?

Well loves, I will save some fashion week action for another day, because I am in dire need of some personal time with Paris and a cigarette.


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