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I never thought of it this way...

Subtract the overintensity, the sizzling of ideas, and you get a woman who loves perfection. And faithfulness is one of the perfections. It seems stupid and unintelligent to me now because I have bigger plans in mind. Perfection is static, and I am in full progress. The faithful wife is only one phase, one moment, one metamorphosis, one condition.
Anais Nin

Interchangeable for man and woman, accordingly. I am always in another sort of hurt, shoving myself into a level of idealization, of hyper faithfulness. It is all perverse. I only want someone in full progress...and likewise. I think I'm due for a broadening of concepts. The only problem being my absolute finickiness with people and minds to devote time to. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough?

Stay tuned for waves of poetry, I've written more recently than ever but most words fall on paper before they come here. Recent chaos has taken up my last few days of necessary reflection, but now, serenity resumes!


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