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I try and place you, animal snug, into a
framework of the animate organic
a primary temporal vein (temporary)
as primitive as a carbon compoud in the singular,
inhabitance by an entity assemblage
the bearing of which:
seasonal interlude, ebb and flow
a catch-all hibernia

with eyes so wide open they see as if shut, I wish (beg) you into
the trickiest, most opaque of latencies

But we are supple. Arced, arched, round.
Sybarite's Paris: easier to delineate an arciform tenant
and the patterned repitition of nature,
will be times away and unable to create
a prodding sort of mental movement

This arrives first at the question of: body

substance, consistency, density,
and the possible dimensions of
an accidental aberration of manners where invitations
were issued cycles too soon,
and the resulting shadow smoothness, emptiness
sets me simply adrift, as if I forfeited the right
to think I could be anything as crass as an opposite (right) of the other concept variable in an equation that takes places in all sorts of inconclusive

Tenancy questions; until when?
I avoid touching or looking at the warm parts of body,
mirrors, shower nakedness
and keep my arms as a good landlord does-
constricted, at sides, only half mast available

I cannot afford mementos in this interval
There are things to do and much to forget

I cannot afford to even imply a question
or afford it
inhabitant animation

I move stiltedly, skin stranger
achingly. carefully as not to touch
those skin planes which beg for a chance at ripeness.

This is a private sort of perdition.
as I need it to be.
quiet, quieter, deep into minor sound
low frequencies
nature is kind in doling out a necessary
hush hush


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