the joy of writing in mood-board formats

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the overflow
a winsome toss of the voice
that flash, that shiver, that impact
in the course of that sun shot moment

  /biˈætɪˌtud, -ˌtyud/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [bee-at-i-tood, -tyood] Show IPA
1. supreme blessedness; exalted happiness.
2. (often initial capital letter) any of the declarations of blessedness pronounced by Jesus in the

Sermon on the Mount.
respectable behavior--appropriateness, ceremoniousness, conventionality, correctness,
FIDELITY: attachment vs adherence/ authenticity: legitimacy, purity,

artistic taste, esthetics, philosophy of art, philosophy of beauty, study of beauty, theory of art
& also SYSTEM OF BELIEFS FOR CONDUCT IN LIFE...coincidences, yes.

to exult:
2. Obsolete To leap upward, especially for joy.
[Latin exsultāre : ex-, ex- + saltāre, to dance, frequentative of salīre, to leap; see sel- in Indo-European roots.]

I am:
of the ideology persuasion,
sense of direction
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: introduction, adjustment
Synonyms: acclimatization, adaptation, assimilation, bearings, breaking in, coordination,

the wick of her mouth
ces matins gris si doux these gray so soft mornings


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