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I got over my fear of writing a parody of literature versus actual literature and wrote a short story yesterday. The first, ever, eternally a one track slut for poetry. And now today I find that it took all my words away in a fantastic purge of the excess verbgrammerwords which normally float around my brain. Funny, always attributed wordlessness with block, with the negative. I suppose I never considered wordlessness as absolution.

- - -

|| Quand une idée se saisit trop de moi au milieu de la rue, je tombe. ||

When an idea grabs me in the middle of the street, I fall.
Marie-Henri Beyle,

- - -

|| Le langage est le seuil du silence que je ne puis franchir. Il est l'épreuve de l'infini. ||

Language is the threshold of silence that I cannot step across. It is the test of infinity.
Brice Parain

- - -

|| Imaginer c'est choisir. ||

To imagine is to choose.
Jean GIONO, Noé (Gallimard)


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