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i've got a mouth full of numb and teeth with a license to die, reminders, and a jaw that tends to stick together with the tension of holding itself up

REMINDERS, thats it, eating me the fuck alive

leave me alone. I don't want to come back anyway right now. to a city and a man who tend to veer out westward. blowin a blowin in the wind, just a blowin in these winds

i'm sorry I chose now to feel furious but it wasn't a choice as much as something I screwed up tight in paris just falling the fuck out of the closet. all those panics

i don't want to talk about this anymore or talk to you-- i want to throw my fury down on nyc in a mashup of an existential journey and just SCREAM and scream everything we drop as yesterday's news

and what in the hell is humanity supposed to do with this whole male female HILARITY? It is IMPOSSIBLE. My heart can't take it.

i am violence


  1. Anonymous said...
  2. Wow...your last few lines were searingly powerful. "I am violence."
    Sorry you're dealing with whatever prompted this post...but damn, good words.

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