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My favorite, because it is a wonderful, hilarious, whimsical (and since my grandmother passed last week, tragic) ode to her era femininity. There's something seminally 30s-60s about the collection; seminal in its interpretation but seminal as in playing on those same shapes and colors and codes of feminine that came out loud and clear in the age of domestic wealth, domestically, one salary- age of woman woman the creature being

It's a collection that makes me smile, and makes me imagine my grandmother, a generation past of LADY. There's Florida weekends, debutante soirees with the sorority, there's going steady and there's military boys coming up to come down from the florida base to the hometown near you. when there was such a thing as 'introducing' a woman as a woman into her cultural womb, to be recieved

where belles were at their balls and there were such things as grand entrances and exits

I will always remember you strawberry blonde and beautiful and very very tempestuous. Grandma, for your crazy, for my crazy therefore, for your selfishness and naivete which gave way when it mattered to bedrock strength. a struggle, for you, always, because you were brought up to believe in shiny, beautiful things. I hope you arrived in whatever catholic heaven you wished for, divorced and all, to hell with them (in a handbasket) where your body didn't betray itself and you didn't betray all that you sought to preserve. I love you, i love you, i heard you, and you can stop feeling guilty now.


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