le fil blanc

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Hello; there is a poetic voice more adept than mine; smarter and more reptile. 

The naivete in mine and the lack of ulterior motive and the potential for these things to bring in pain. Poetic voice or voice poetic? I always seem to be skirting the edge of the right question while earnestly asking the wrong one, but I am getting closer. I am beginning to understand, I am beginning to shed this skin and accept that which I was confronted with.

The hardest thing is to believe; zenzero's voice over time and space, from the past but speaking to my present. The hardest thing is to believe, especially when All Is Wet. Dani man piano hand Dan my head's A ROTA sul serio and help me help myself come back to Assisi's 3 sided revelation.

As if you could kill time without injuring eternity.

As if you could, Kate. All Was Wet and that was the living end. For this there is no word tender enough, no word violent enough.

In a world where nothing is ever enough - it never will be. I'm changing the question and the premise by letting go of 'enough' letting go of 'never' letting go of future tense used in the present tense situated. Temper the electricity within. Be well and be still. Remember the 3 corners and move so slowly as to seem without animation, so quiet so still and move most of all with relish. Purposeful movements to articulate what rolls from the soul outwards.

Be unafraid of catching anxiety as if it were a highly contagious and ever-lurking malady.

Give up the vice of fear.

Look inwards and consolidate, construct. And remember most of all;

this is what you came here for. this is the answer to the unicorn clap in the woods, the covert call for trees to answer back, your direct(if diluted) link with mother nature and the nature of things, the hours in pere lachaise spent speaking to souls and asking for love, guidance and courage, asking them to tell the universe you were waiting -

This is the answer.
This is the alchemy of a soul.
This is when it gets the hardest
This is when the sea of a man is taken by the worst tempest
This is rougher waters yet
This is what you asked for

Be still.

So that you might learn how to say Thank You.


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