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My lovely spring chickens, I was swept away by spring cleaning and decided to scrub away at the blog like a woman possessed. I even included photographic evidence- see defendant in question lost in a glowy state of something or another-. Although I exported the blog directly, some of the marbles fell out of the bag (plop, roll, oops) and as such I lost followers and all the info from my gadgets. I sincerely hope the URL is the same. I followed directions, SO THERE, evil spazztastic life tendency of missing a step or two and things going poof! , you won't win!

So, in conclusion, I am am not being a blogging snob, but am merely a helpless victim of the powerful force known as organization. Pity me. Send me cupcakes. Millions of pardons my dears, but if you did happen to follow, I'd like you to find it in your heart to click that little button once again so we can be reunited as super awesome friends and the saga of our joined blogs will continue. It will all be very dramatic, I promise, just like in the movies. To all the blogs I linked that fell into the abyss, I will restore your ultimate glory!

Love and Luck,
Le Kutz


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