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Dancing, naked, and drinking a beer; cleaning and taxes? Pshaw, TRANSCENDENTAL FUN!


T-5 days until Le Kutz is in Thailand for a month, finding myself a thai ladyboy and getting tan for the first time in my entire life.

It also merits notice that on my way to Thailand, we have a stopover in Helsinki airport. THAT'S RIGHT, KIDS, HELSINSKI AS IN HEL LOOKS (see link to left).

A website that I am obsessed with because it's 1/3 belgian-german offbeat, 1/3 halfway harajuku girl, and 1/3 gothic vampire. I am not joking when I say the vampire Lestat was once on this website. It was the fullfilment of my girlhood dreams. I can say that yeah, after seeing Lestat himself on Hel Looks, I am fully sexually actualized.

Not to mention the amazing write ups for each person/picture, wherein they have about a paragraph to explain what they are wearing which usually leads to pure, distilled fashion vanity babble of the most awkward breed.


  1. abby said...
  2. Thailand!! HOW EXCITING!!
    That is on my top 5 places I want to visit. You must post copious pictures and reviews.

    Also, that sounds like the most transcendental fun evar. Count me in. :)

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