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Posted: Thursday, October 1, 2009 | |

& your skin (skin!) in debut:
" it was a joy," he says.
" we'll show you ---again," he says.
---now that was a sight to behold,
the maturity of it includes stints at:
powder, powder, soft
last year we thought --why not!--
of sensational cravings
I've been practicing
(a craft) for skin
" There was authenticity there,
& I felt starstruck."
& stuck
in a turner, william
Haze, object!, Haze
& skin! (skin) in debut
under an influence
heated, hot, hotter


2:17! Always that slow stretch to 3., the jump skip to 4, zippy. The walk to 5, leisurely. If body clocks stay in hibernia; a stop crawl to 6, if body clocks resume animal animation at 5--a jog, a run, to 7. By 8, I already miss you for being gone -1 hour, well in advance, tick tock lover, tick tock


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