Anticipation; An Aubade

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Anticipation; An Aubade


My early joy lying complementary to me;
THE JOURNEYMAN, and These Epic Walkabouts.

and the day-anew, taintless, with its brindled sunshine,
and shadow striations covetous of the liminal objects which shift change
its fundamentals,
Playacting, this something so alive newly and so newly alive!

These Early Joys,
This Sunlight Parquetry

Marvels of the foot-fall variety, a foot upon pavement, tile, foot on and in
 a pine needle bed unmade;
branch-twig-litter-leaf Magnificence, in Mashup
appreciating the sonorities of nature’s collision casualties
gently absurd, and baldly unashamed

Nature Impulsive
whose coquetry blossoms as a perennial flirtation,
author of the ceaseless, fervid, resplendently redundant,
shapeless, eyeless, readerless; receiving end impertinent,
rushed into flame then!


Protean Walkabouts; Paris, Year Unimportant.

The bravura of this city proper,
properly robs me of my morning obsessionals,
canceled out by dawn’s sun-spotlight, lit, naked, exposed, de-robed
The Full Flush of A Morning

These early joys, and the city in an aubadinal deshabille
Incarnadine, the atmospheric rechauffage
rose rosy rosier by
bursting, buoyant degrees
until the first, coy Day Peep!

Emerging from the dark, a night heavy
and smug with sensuous love, sagging, pregnant, engorged
reckless; vainglorious, and
 bargaining for a delay of dawn’s delicious UP and OUT surging.
and yes, my early joy, these immeasurable microcosms,
DAY PEEP galaxies, alive conceived birthed within
and living then, BEGUN, during
the pause between seconds and half-third-fourth-second partials
those erstwhile halcyon whispers,
those early joys,
those thrumming, humming rumors

Always a Surprise,
down wind
night’s wind-ing down, downwind,
and Nature as the Emancipator: WAKE UP!
a libation, the sudden, burbling, violent arrival of SUN upon MOON,
cycle heavy, the true
Wilderness of the moondeath sunbirth now front (&) center
sauntering minute
luminations, ruminations,
claque one, three,
organic machinations...

rip, roar, Rise;
ripped, rises to roar,
and in a roar,

A roar, RIPPED
so that it may 

My early joy, being sole confidante to the caress of the first spotlight of a [dawn],
the reveal, the unveiling of man and Journeyman’s alike
Collective FIRST NATURE.
Pre-evasion diversions, neatly and evenly packaged
as detours, the come-off-come-quick-  Let Down.
All of it,
saccharine, cloying, candied and forever afraid of loose lipped liabilities,
full-toned timid, yes forever shy from the nature’s caprice,
of BRIGHT LIGHT retina burnt verity

Here, No, we are not, not yet;
Yes Here, straddling the day’s vital animal eruption
we are quite far from asking a day to
to freely admit its error of including a day’s inevitable sulfur over-under-tones.
No, Here, here is only: to Begin, what is and what will always be
irreverently already Begun.
And we aren’t yet convinced of ourselves, haven’t remembered our SELVES and therefore despite ourself we remember.
Here, Then, and only in these early dawn joys
do we let go,
deshabille, every one of us,
a day blitz pilgrim,
every one of us



In my early joy, I hallucinate you here
whilst pining for various something else-s,
during this natal dawn’s requisite ease off,
a mid-hour turnaround,

How fine! How rare,
these early morning joys, an aubade avalanche,
soft yet persistent,

how Fine, yes, how Rare

my early joy and



Nature Impulsive,
My Early Joy



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